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About Casa Escocia

Villa Keys

The keys will be in the key box  and the code will be provided prior to your arrival.

Villa Arrival and Departure

You can gain entry to the villa on your day of arrival from 2pm.  As far as your day of departure is concerned, please ensure that you vacate the villa by 10am in order that the cleaners can clean the villa and pool etc ready for the new guests arriving that day,  If you have chosen a flight that departs late and there are no guests arriving that day, you may be able to vacate the villa a little later after having made contact and arrangements with the villa manager.

Swimming Pool

The electrically heated swimming pool is clearly a major advantage of Casa Escocia. In order to achieve maximum enjoyment of this feature there are a few guidelines you would be wise to adhere to:

  • Use of the pool is entirely at your own risk and children should be supervised at all times. There is no shallow end (1.2m at both ends) and the deepest part is in the middle (1.65m).  Diving is not recommended.
  • The pool cover should be on the pool when not in use.  The cover not only protects it from dirt and dust but also magnifies the sun's energy throughout the day and it's reflective underside maintains the heat in the water during the night.  The cover typically raises the water temperature by up to 6 degrees centigrade.
  • The only person who was ever able to walk on the pool cover is sadly no longer with us although many of us celebrate his birthday in late December.
  • Please do not use any glasses in or around the pool.  Plastic tumblers are provided for use on the pool terrace - the only way to find broken glass in a swimming pool is with your feet...
  • The pool is serviced every week including cleaning and maintenance of the correct chemical balance.
  • If you are wearing sun tan oil please take a brief shower prior to using the pool as the oil clogs the filters and dilutes the purifying chemicals.


There are six sunbeds provided for your enjoyment around the pool terrace.  They are heavy and have to be moved carefully.  Please ensure you use towels on the seat pads to protect them.

Doors and Windows

Lanzarote can often be quite windy and for this reason you need to take care when opening a window or door.  You may not immediately see the need if just a single door or window is open, but when another window or door is opened, you may experience a problem.

Washing machine / tumble dryer

This is located in the utility room and is installed for your use.  Please note that this machine has instructions in English on the drawer.  Please feel free to use the soap powder and fabric softener provided - but please top it up for the convenience of others guests.  There is a clothes airer and pegs in the utility room and since it is usually sunny and often windy too, your clothes won't take too long to dry.  Be sure to use the pegs or you will have to take a ferry to Fuerteventura to get your clothes back!

TV, Video, DVD, Hi-Fi

  • The TV, Video, and DVD have been tuned in already and are ready for use on arrival.  Channel 1 is FreeSat.  When watching a DVD just press play and it will automatically come on.
  • A selection of videos, DVD's and CD's have been provided for your use - these can be found in the TV cabinet.
  • There are two UK radio stations in Lanzarote:
    • UK Away - 99.9Mhz plays a variety of music, UK comedy shows and documentaries.
    • Power FM - in Playa Blanca is on 91.7Mhz.
  • Manuals for the electrical equipment are in the kitchen drawer in the unlikely event you need them.


The microwave is probably simpler than the one you are used to at home.  There are basic heat settings and a timer.

Oven and Hob

The hob is ceramic and very easy to keep clean.  The oven takes a while to heat up but is reasonably efficient.  There is also a timer for the oven and this must be used to get the grill on - this is a child safety feature.


The dishwasher is a useful addition although it is rather small.  However, it's great for taking care of lunch things and glasses since most people go out for their evening meal.  Again, dishwasher tablets and liquid are provided but please top them up for the convenience of other guests.


The electricity supply on Lanzarote is occasionally susceptible to interruption but not usually for prolonged periods.  There are candles and a torch in the villa just in case you need them!

Games and Books

There is a small selection of books and magazines in the living room.  A few games for children are also available.  If you get to the end of your stay and find you haven't finished a book you found in the villa we invite you to take it home with you.  Likewise, if you bring one with you and finish it, why not leave it for others to enjoy?


We respectfully ask that you do not smoke anywhere inside the villa please.


Refuse is collected centrally from large bins at the side of many roads.  There are four white doors at the entrance to La Goleta and the bins are inside this enclosure.  Please do not store rubbish in the house or outside - this WILL attract unwanted visitors.

Health Matters

There is a very good English-speaking doctor in Playa Flamingo next door to the car rental shop.  The telephone number is 928 519039.  There are numerous pharmacies around Lanzarote.  There are many more medicines available "over the counter" in Spain than in the UK, for example strong painkillers and antibiotics.  The pharmacists usually speak English and are generally very helpful.

Your welcome pack contains directions to the nearest pharmacies.

We accept NO responsibility for personal injury, damage or loss to the property or of personal items during your stay. For this reason we stress that you obtain full holiday insurance to cover you for illness, injuries, loss of credit cards etc. It is also advised to obtain an E111 form for medical care.

About The Island

Playa Blanca

Over the past few years Playa Blanca, originally a small fishing village has been transformed into one of the island's finest tourist areas.  Playa Blanca, at the southern-most tip of Lanzarote, is almost always basked in warm sunshine and with the sea a constant calm, clear blue, Playa Blanca is a holidaymaker's paradise.  There are superb views of the mountains and the islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura across the water.

If it's lazy days in the sun you are looking for, this is the ideal place.

Playa Blanca's beaches are small but delightful and benefit from excellent nearby amenities such as the shops, bars, and restaurants.  Luxurious hotels and villas offer first-class, modern accommodation.  Quieter than the other resorts, Playa Blanca is fantastic for families who want to spend the day around the pool or at the beach and their nights enjoying fine food at one of the many international restaurants.  The villa is equipped with TV, DVD, Video, Hi-Fi etc but if you fancy a night out, most hotels offer in-house entertainment for non-resident families, so there is no shortage of fun.

From the harbour at Playa Blanca, ferries cross several times a day to Fuerteventura.  It is possible to go to the island as a foot passenger or with a car and the 20 minute crossing is good fun in itself as you can sit in the open air terrace and enjoy ocean views.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island (and some people say in all of Spain) is in close proximity to Playa Blanca.  Papagayo beach is a must-see place for anyone staying in Playa Blanca, consisting of several small coves and accessible by car via a dirt track after paying the admittance fee of just €3 per car.

Faro Park

Faro Park is a residential area rather than a holiday resort and many of the residents are our friends so we ask that you please give the other inhabitants due consideration.  La Goleta is the sixth phase and closest to the town (near the Rubicon Palace Hotel).  Our house is in an ideal position, second in line and at the end of the development for a larger plot with more privacy.   A pleasant 30 minute stroll, cutting down towards the sea, will take you to the Old Harbour Area and a further ten minutes into the pedestrianised centre of Playa Blanca with many shops, restaurants, bars and supermarkets.


Lanzarote enjoys a year-round near perfect climate, not getting too hot in the summer or too cool in winter.  You should be aware of the power of the sun's rays, which can be masked by the breeze that is often present on the island.  Please make sure you use adequate sun protection to get the best enjoyment from your holiday - don't forget your sun tan lotions!!


Water is the island's most precious commodity.  Please use it sparingly.  The tap water in Lanzarote does not carry any germs but since all water is reclaimed from the sea by the very expensive process of desalination, it has a very high mineral content and can cause stomach upsets as you will not be used to it.  Unlike many other villas (where the tap water is suitable only for cleaning your teeth and washing), we have a water filtration system fitted which means that you enjoy pure, filtered water on tap; this saves the expense of buying bottled water not to mention the time and energy you will save not lugging bottles from the supermarket!


You will be delighted to know that the villa has been fitted with aluminium shutters with integral mosquito nets.  These open outwards and can be locked from the inside for security when shut.  This means that you will be able to open windows and the main bedroom patio window without the fear of "the little horrors" invading the rooms!  At certain times of the year, mosquitoes are present on Lanzarote and the main problem is that you don't usually notice them until you've been bitten.  Mosquito bites can be very uncomfortable.  Mosquito plugs are provided (tablets may need to be purchased).

Supermarkets and Shops

The Canary Islands are a shopping paradise because there is no customs barrier.  Shopping therefore is a pleasure as never before.  Not even the tax-free shops at the airport can compete with prices in the Canaries.  Liqueurs, tobacco, cameras, tape recorders, transistor radios, watches - everything is cheaper than their countries of origin.  From Nigerian crocodile skin to ivory carved on the banks of the Ganges or real Chinese silk, the most curious, rarest objects can be found.

There are several perfumeries in Playa Blanca, Puerto Del Carmen, and Arrecife, all offering excellent bargains - these shops are much cheaper than the airport duty free shops.

There is a huge market in Teguise every Sunday morning where you will find many interesting craft items for sale and some very good quality lace work.  You will also find plenty of fake Rolex and Gucci watches at bargain prices!  A new market is running in Playa Blanca (far side near the Volcan Hotel) on a Saturday morning.

Your welcome pack includes directions to all of the local shops and supermarkets.


  • Try to drive on the RIGHT - that's what most of the other people will be doing!
  • Driving is easy in Lanzarote.  Most people are well behaved and most rental cars aren't powerful enough for you to get into trouble anyway.  Pretty much anything goes but look out for other hire car drivers - especially on Thursday because that's when the British will have just arrived and haven't got used to driving on the right!
  • Speed limits are clearly indicated as are no-overtaking zones.  The police impose heavy fines for breaking the motoring laws which you will be expected to pay on the spot - IN CASH.

Remember that you give way to the LEFT at roundabouts.  Beware of the roundabouts at both ends of Yaiza.  For some reason, the main road (the LZ-2) is not bisected by the roundabouts but just touches the edge.  If you are going towards Playa Blanca you just go dead straight but if you need to make sure nothing is approaching from the left first.  When travelling towards Tias and Arrecife you have the entire roundabout to navigate.

  • There are two parking bays at the villa.
  • Petrol is available on the island but not all petrol stations are 24 hour so don't let your tank get too low.
  • Don't park in any parking bay that is marked yellow - this denotes that the bay is reserved.


There are many fine wines to choose from.  Wines from Lanzarote are particularly good.  The Torres range are very good value, Sangre De Torro, Gran Sangre De Torro, Coronas and Grand Coronas being of excellent quality.


There are many excellent restaurants on the island.  The promenade at Playa Blanca plays host to many ranging from Pizzerias to good quality gourmet foods.  Your welcome pack has an extensive listing of some of the best!

Canarian Cuisine

Typical Canarian Cuisine involves many dishes prepared with fish caught in large amounts along the coast.  Fish is served with the famous papas arrugadas, potatoes boiled in salt water, and a hot sauce called mojo.

Traditional dishes are watercress stew, the popular sancocho canario made with salted fish and mojo, rabbit in salmorejo, a sauce consisting of water, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, sweet black pudding, etc.  Banana and tomato, the main source of wealth of the islands, also occupy an important place in Canarian cooking, as do avocado pear and papaya fruit as well as gofio, a roasted mixture of wheat, maize or barley, which is eaten with certain dishes of the country instead of bread.  Among the sweets, especially outstanding are the tirijalas, bienmesabes, frangollo, bizcochos lustradis, turrones de melaza or gofio and pastry.  Among the drinks produced in the islands, there are especially rum, honey rum, malmsey wine and the local wines produced on Lanzarote.